Have you had your light bulb moment yet?

If you are a good listener and enjoy meeting and helping people why not become a Hypnotherapist and/or Healer and help make a difference in the world.

Excellent training to enable you to become a Hypnotherapist and/or Reiki Healer

Our Hypnotherapy Diploma and Reiki courses will provide you with both the training and one to one support to enable you to become a confident practitioner.

Hypnotherapy and New Year's change - pictured as word Hypnotherapy and a Newton cradle, to symbolize that Hypnotherapy can change life for better, 3d illustration

Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma

Are you a good listener, want to help people and also have a really rewarding job? If so train to become a Hypnotherapist now and help people to make the changes that they want and need in their life.


Why Train with Us

We specialise in small group tuition to give you all the skills that you need.


Your Tutor - Lisa Pryce-Jones

Lisa is an experienced Hypnotherapist and Healer with her own busy practice in Newport who is passionate to share the wonders of Hypnotherapy and Healing.

Research proving Hypnotherapy and Healing works

Stanford University, one of the world’s leading teaching and research institutions, led research in 2016 to evaluate the efficacy of hypnotherapy. Dr David Spiegal (Psychiatrist, Medical Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine) concluded ‘There is scientific evidence that something happens in the brain when people are hypnotised that doesn’t happen ordinarily.’ Furthermore he stated that there were ‘tremendous medical implications’ and envisaged people being able to manage their own pain and anxiety.

Harvard University carried out a large-scale multisite Reiki effectiveness trial in 2019 involving 99 Master Reiki Healers and 1,411 sessions. It concluded that a single session of Reiki improved multiple variables relating to both physical and psychological health.

Birmingham Medical School & Good Hope Hospital, Birmingham carried out a 2 year rigorous scientific study in 2018 which concluded that spiritual healing worked for people with hard to treat gut related problems (including irritable bowel syndrome, crohn’s disease and colitis). The research involved 200 patients and showed significant improvements in the patients’ symptoms, pain level, quality of life and wellbeing and concluded ‘adding spiritual healing to conventional care showed significant improvement that were sustained for over 6 months’.


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